Calcium supplementation- the controversial truth no one wants to tell you

IMG_1660.JPGIt is with a sense of sadness that a recent health issue my Mom experienced -brought to my attention the fact that the culture of popping a pill to solve any health issue has made its way into the world of Nutritional Supplementation.

In a society of only treating the symptom and not the reason for the illness – it is no wonder that chronic medication is simply part of life when you reach a certain age.

Calcification is a topic not often heard in discussions among health care professionals  Рrather the Bone density issue and how to cure with some Calcium supplements.

In the Longevity Now program which David Wolfe offers he talks in depth about the negative effect of calcification in the body.

Let me list a few illnesses and diseases directly linked to calcification:

Aches in your muscles or arthritic joint pains
Cataracts in your eyes
Loss of hearing
Kidney stones
Calcification of the coronary artery
Hardening of body systems – traditionally blamed on the natural process of aging.
..just getting older and more wrinkled

Hmmmm – got your attention ?

The body can only absorb that which it recognizes as natural goodness – any foreign substance is stored as toxic waste either in the fatty tissue, liver, plague growth in the blood vessels, or other organs.

Most Calcium supplements are “dead” calcium – oyster shell residue , coral residue , mineral residues from the earth. ( calcium citrate / calcium carbonate ) Imagine how your insides would feel if you go outside and munch on a few spoons full of soil – not so great , right ?
Scientific experimentation done at the university of Kuopio in Finland by E.Olavi Kajander and Neva Ciftcioglu has successfully identified the presence of shell forming Nanobacteria in these substances which are responsible for the recycling of organisms by forming a biofilm around the dead creature which then hardens into a calcified dormant state of Calcium Phosphate.

These nanobacteria also has the ability to reproduce , forming aggregate – clogging up our system silently until a calcification disease shows it’s ugly head.

Great way of nature to “clean up” – not so good to be happening on the inside of your body.

We are lucky to have various studies like the China Study where several accurate scientific experiments have been performed to indicate that all nutritional elements are more readily available for human absorption if it originates from a plant based source.
This is also true for Calcium. “Bad calcium”¬† is positively charged. Good calcium contain a surplus of electrons, making them negatively charged – which is what naturally occurs in plants , vegetables , wheatgrass , citrus fruit , carob and mesquite.
The ground breaking research of French scientist Professor CL Kervran also proved the transmutation of supplemental silicon ( horsetail , hemp leaf , sprouts ) and magnesium ( chlorella, cacao , green leafy vegetables ) into calcium in the bones. Indicating once again that the theory of taking in calcium for your bone density might not be the most accurate solution.
Rudolph Steiner has been a keen activist on horsetail and nettle for bone strength – supporting the research of Professor Kervran.

I am naturally a firm believer of growing your own organic food from nutrient rich soil as far as possible to ensure you do get all the nutrition the plant offers.

Good news is that our wonderfully body is completely capable of reversing the damage done by calcification.
Start shopping for your calcium in the organic produce section of the shop and stop any “dead” calcium supplement ( pearl calcium is the only exception)
Dissolve the “bad” calcium by consuming citrus ( one lemon or lime a day – as more can make the body too acidic )
Taking products such as Zeolites , MSM and Fulvic acid to eliminate the toxic substance from your body.
Boost your immune system with medicinal mushrooms and garlic extracts.
Rejuvenate your body with adaptogen herbs , probiotics , superfood Vit C powders , marine phytoplankton.IMG_1932.jpg


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