Healthy Habit Multiplication Program

IMG_0572.jpgOne of the chapters in my course material from David Wolfe , as part of the Raw Nutrition qualification – is all about the magical , levitating , health boosting benefits of spring water.
David speaks of the water multiplication phenomenon that we see , which results in the small trickle of water coming out of the ground , which with the help of some universal chemistry turns onto a full gushing stream. In short it is said that the negative ions of the earth combine with the positive atoms of the atmosphere to create water in its purest form – which also happens to be completely sterile at 4degrees – the temperature of spring water at it’s point of origin.

I have found from personal experience that healthy habits follow the exact same pattern.

For me it normally starts with loosing my taste for alcohol. Within a few days , my body starts asking for green juices and lots of water.

Then , waking up in the morning all I can think of is going for a forest walk , breathing in fresh air and feeling grass under my feet.
It is at this point that shoes normally become restricted to business meetings 🙂  IMG_1659.JPG

Any starchy food craving is the next to go – with not a sweet tooth in site.

It is amazing that once you are in this health zone – all your senses for spotting any negative energy or unhealthy elements seem to be heightened.  Opening my fridge door – the preservative , sugar filled bottle of something I can not imagine putting into my body – looks like a sore thumb between the carrots , apples and ginger – waiting to make their trip to the juicer.

Over time I have come to realize that this is not how most people’s bodies communicate with them.

In this blog I would like to list some natural progress steps that could help you to educate your body to get to a healthy naturally detoxed state.

1.    Replace any alcoholic , sugary or artificially sweetened drinks with pure spring water.

I make an adventure outing of loading my water bottles into the car and filling them with Newlands spring water every second week. When I am at a restaurant , I ask for my spring water in a wine glass with a slice of lemon. Before going to bed , fill a consul glass container with spring water and lemon slices to go into the fridge. In the morning it will be the first thing you see when you open the door.
I also take a lovely decanter and fill it with spring water , mint , cucumber and a single slice of lemon. This is on my desk – to be enjoyed throughout the day.

2.    Remove any unhealthy foods from your fridge and grocery cupboard and Replace it with healthy alternatives.

A healthy lifestyle is never one that makes you feel deprived – on the contrary – it is an act of love towards yourself to allow only good things to enter your body. I take a few plastic bags and fill them with all the unhealthy products that has sneaked its way into my house. ( This includes the well meant prezzies that arrived over the festive season ) – and drop it off at a shelter or a soup kitchen. Taking a drive to Organic Zone or Wellness warehouse will leave you amazed at all the lovely organic , gluten free , preservative free , sugar free , raw treats and foods that are available. I make sure to have some lovely raw honey and raw organic almond butter in my house for that “late night up in bed with a good book” treat – onto some raw seed cracker and a variety of favorite tees.
3.    Make time in your schedule for outdoors activities.

On a Sunday night , I have a look at my week to come meetings – slot in my yoga sessions and then look to see where I have open mornings. Block out this time as self development time. You will find that the time you spent having a forest walk or beach walk results in you having a super productive day – so no guilt need to be felt about taking this time for yourself. Put all your clothing , water bottle and shoes out the night before – set your alarm clock – and enjoy ! X

4.    Using technology for your health development.

We spend such a big part of our day in front of our computers – so why not use this to enhance your health journey ? Look for educational health videos or u-tube clips. Join health and wellness forums – look for hiking groups in your area. I also love looking for new vegan , healthy raw recipes – when I am in need of a little mental break.

You will find with all the above action plans in place – your body is going to love what your doing so much – it is just going to ant more of the good stuff !

To a Happy , Healthy , Safe , Secure , Loved , Abundantly Prosperous , Inspired and Creative 2016 for all X


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