Guilt Free Mulled wine

It is that time of the year … we all want to look good in our summer frocks , but ohhhh – all those festive temptations in the stores … and now I am specifically talking about the edible ones.

..and then there are all the celebrations , family lunches and staff parties.

I have grown accustomed to being the strange vegetarian at the table – but of late I have somehow lost my taste for wine – with one or two exceptions 🙂

So when my fabulously talented friend Helen introduced me to this no alcohol “mulled wine” drink , I had visions of huge freezers , stocked to the brim with blueberries and fresh orange juice ( yes you read correctly and yes you can ! ) and me arriving at dinner parties , beautiful decanter with mulled wine in hand.

When I made it at home the first time , I used a mix of equal parts blueberries and black berries – but blue berries on their own work just as well.

The blending does form quite a bit of foam – straining it will help with that. I chose not to strain it , since I really like the bits of orange zest and blueberry bits in it.

I use local orange blossom honey – and real oranges.

Serve in a big chilled wine glass with a garnish of orange zest – and no one will be the wiser that you are not having a deliciously delectable cocktail.

Now your only challenge will be to laugh at all those – oh so not funny jokes – while being sober and super healthily charged.

I suggest a lovely long walk while the rest of the family and friends have that much needed recovery afternoon snooze 🙂

before the blend
1 C        Fresh Orange Juice – and a little bit of zest – optional
3 C        Water ( I use Newlands spring water – just to add some magic )
1 C        Frozen Blueberries
3 T        Raw Honey
1/4C     Rozendal Hibiscus Vinegar
1 t        cinnamon
1/3t     crushed cloves
1/3t       nutmeg

Blend all for 30 seconds – strain – pour into beautiful glass decanter

Best enjoyed at room temperature





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