The French Balance

In every country traveled I find there are lessons to be learned – passed down from generation to generation – ingrained into the very essence of the culture.


When I am fortunate enough to stumble across these , normally happily shared by a generous local , I treasure the experience and find a way to take it home with me and incorporate into my every day life.

From the French – I have copious little habits and rituals … some of them have become such a part of how I live that it would be unimaginable for me to think there was a time these little culture treasures where unknown to me.

I want to share two of these with you today.

The first is to always buy the best ingredients available. From time to time this might make for a smaller portion of your chosen dish.

You see – the French know that with amazing flavor and taste – the taste buds are happy and fulfilled long before the tummy is filled to capacity.

In this lies a big part of the secret to all the fabulous French ladies we see enjoying a buttery croissant while fitting into their lovely chic outfits.

The second secret is presentation. Even a busy workday can leave space for a sit down – lovely prepared , and presented salad – made with the best ever ingredients.

I share with you my Monday “pick up and go” green salad :

Big hand full of Rocket and Sunflower sprouts
1/3 Cucumber sliced and cut into chunks
1 Tablespoon Capers
5 Green olives

Vegan mayonnaise – made by blending : 2T apple cider vinegar , 1/4 cup olive oil , 1t honey , pinch of salt and a garlic clove – with a 3/4 cup water


As it is Monday and we are embracing the French way – lets finish this off with a single delicious chocolate truffle and a little espresso?

Carmen xxx


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