Glorious, humble tomato

Over the years I have quietly come to realize that most of those “old-wife tales” are very true and still relevant in our modern times.

One of them is : breakfast is the most important meal of the day.


From personal experience I have come to see , the days I take the time to prepare a beautiful healthy breakfast and sit down and enjoy every bite … I feel full of energy , inspired and can have a super productive morning till my tummy send me those – time for a little lunch break message 🙂

The alternative is not a pretty picture .. me with a grumpy , edgy personality and not a three year old with a zoo-cracker is safe in my company .. you get the picture ?

So , this morning with the full romanticizing moment of stepping out with a fresh espresso and picking the first three fully ripe , lovely tomatoes from my own garden made for the beginnings of a perfect morning.

I have fallen in love with the combination of tomato and green olive paste – all piled onto a slice of gluten free sprouted bread topped with freshly picked basil and a thick slice of avocado.

deliplateYummy , foodie happiness

Carmen xxx


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